Infrared & Lymphatic

Our Infrared Detox Body Treatment helps smooth, soothe, retexture and soften the skin on your entire body.  To further enhance your total relaxation, you also will receive an acupressure facial massage.  This service is excellent at the end or beginning of each season.  It’s also a great way to rid your body of stress.  Infrared heat penetrates the body at a deeper level, bringing you a profound sense of well-being.  We offer this service at $105

The lymphatic system is considered the bodies second circulatory system. It's a major component of the immune system.  When functioning optimally, the lymphatic system removes excess fluids, metabolic waste, toxins and bacteria from body tissues. The lymph system is responsible for removing protein molecules that are too large to enter the venous system, and produces immune cells, lymphocytes, monocytes and plasma cells.  Some of the benefits an individual can receive from lymphatic drainage are:
Decrease in Fluid Retention
Relief from Sinus related issues
Skin related issues: Acne~ Rosacea~ Eczema
Helps alleviate pain by reducing pain signals sent to the brain
Pre & Post Surgery
Decrease Stress
Balances the Nervous System

Manual lymphatic drainage starts at $45 for a half hour service.