The Benefits of Himalayan Crystal Salt

Salt Atelier

Indoor air quality is among the top five environmental health risks, according to the EPA.  These days, Americans spend up to 90% of their day to day life indoors surrounded by asthma and respiratory allergy triggers such as,  mold, dust mites, pets, smoke and more.  The increasing prevalence of both asthma and allergies over the last few decades has increased the usage of prescription medications.  Air cleaners can be helpful but are quite often noisy and expensive.  

Salt lamps are a natural alternative to consider for cleaner, healthier air.  Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamps work indoors by absorbing or attracting moisture from the air.  Indoor air has positive and negative ions, and naturally holds a slightly positive charge.  This is due in part to technology, machines and airborne contaminates.

When you book a service with Aesthetics by Juliette,  you will also have the option of sitting in our beautiful "Custom Made" glass enclosed Himalayan Crystal Salt Room, at no additional charge.

We also carry an assortment of salt lamps, bath salts, organic herbs, blooming teas, and one of a kind natural stone pendents.