Beware of What's Lurking Beneath

You've heard the saying, "Don't judge a book by it's cover". Yet, how many times have you been smitten over a super deal on social media, caught yourself captivated by an inviting graphic on a spa window, gone goo-goo for a flashy postcard in the mail, and so on. You get the drift. Everything looks and sounds so amazing. But...there's an evil secret that may be lurking beneath the surface.

While you may get drawn in by a super price tag and the thought of serenity, you may find yourself with more than you bargained for. To help keep your skin and your overall health in check, do your research first! Here are three easy tips to ensure better results:

1.) Licensing. Never allow anyone to perform a procedure on your skin that is not licensed. You could end up with serious complications including allergic reactions or chemical burns resulting in permanent damage if your procedure is not performed by a professional. You also want a licensed professional to be able to guide you through the educational process and have a better understanding about your skin.

The facility itself must also be licensed by the state of Illinois! Licensing is where major problems arise. Anyone who advertises facial services must perform the services in a facility which is licensed by the state of Illinois, even if there is only one person in a single room. It's not okay to convert a spare room in the family home into a treatment room. The only time it's acceptable to work from a personal residence is if the state, county, and city have given their stamp of approval that the business is fully compliant with the disability act, sanitation regulations, and any other rules set by all three departments. I know the aesthetician act states that approval for a state license of a personal residence is contingent upon a restroom which is designated for client use only, and a separate entrance/exit. And, depending on which county the business is in there could also be annual inspections by the health department. Each city typically has an annual fire inspection for all businesses. Safety and compliance should be the number one priority of any beautification service provider.

2.) Sanitary Measures. Aside from the environment appearing clean and tidy, don't be afraid to ask about the sanitizing procedures of the business. Additionally, if you are having a procedure performed on your skin, there should ALWAYS be a sink in the room. This ensures proper rinsing and cleansing. If there is a not a sink, you could find yourself dealing with any number of fungal or bacterial infections after your procedure.

3.) Reviews. Check the business online for reviews before you visit. Poor reviews would be an obvious deterrent. However, any reports particularly mentioning skin concerns post-treatment should pose as a red flag.

Regular skin care is imperative, but you've only got one face. Trust your skin to professionals that put your health first.

At Aesthetics by Juliette we pride ourselves on providing licensed, hygenic care that focuses on every detail of your experience to ensure the highest level of satisfaction.

Visit us online to view our list of services, or call 630.339.4885 to schedule an appointment today!

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