Springtime Transition

Today marks the first day of spring. Finally sunshine returns back into our lives and we can once again return to the outdoors. After being cooped up indoors for months, If you're like many, you've got an itch to start on all of your spring cleaning projects!

Make one of your priorities this spring to purge your makeup. You don't necessarily need to toss everything, but it's the perfect time to clean up your supply.

* What do you have that isn't really in style anymore?

* What haven't you used in ages?

* When is the last time you cleaned your makeup brushes?

* What should be tossed because it's expired?

* How can you simplify your look or your routine?

Organize everything keeping daily use items in the forefront. Any unused items that you don't want anymore can often be donated to local thrift shops or prom shops.

Then, why not treat yourself to a couple of new items for taking the time to get everything in order! Don't forget a light daily moisturizer with SPF, because summer will be here before you know it...

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