Skin Care vs. Surgery

It's fairly common for women [or men] to reach a certain point in life and find themselves unhappy with their fine lines, sun spots, and or wrinkles. If your considering any type of surgery for your skin, take a step back and ask yourself "why". What is the primary driver for your desire for change? If the answer has something to do with anyone but yourself, you're doing it for the wrong reason. It's not worth the risks associated with it.

Moreover, it's important that you realize, if you're not using a regular regimen you can't feasibly visit an esthetician and expect an immediate result. Skin care treatments are generally designed for use on healthy skin. In terms of a daily regimen, I'm not talking about a skin care line you bought at the local drug store either. I'm talking about a medical grade treatment plan, customized for your skin. Consistent skin care is something everyone should develop as a daily habit.

Unfortunately, I hear of people jumping into Botox or going under the knife without realizing that simply taking care of their skin will make them look the most youthful. In fact, without a healthy skin care routine the more invasive treatments can cause trauma - even permanent damage - to the skin. Your best bet is to stick to a regimen that consistently neutralizes toxicity from the sun and protects your skin from its harmful rays.

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