Dry Brushing

You already brush your teeth and your hair - at least I hope so - but what about your skin? Our skin is our largest organ and it requires more care than many people invest. Dry skin in particular can benefit from brushing as a way to gently exfoliate and help slough off dead skin. Brushing also helps make skin more lively and also helps stimulate the lymphatic system which can help reduce inflammation. And, that's not all! Brushing has also been said to help reduce cellulite. Let's be honest, who doesn't love that?!

The pattern you brush your skin is also beneficial. It is recommended that you before you shower and always brush towards your heart. Keep in mind, your face isn't the only thing you should be brushing. Your entire body from your feet, to your hands benefit as well.

If you're new to brushing, start slow and work your way up to finding a bristle firmness and method that is comfortable for your skin. Those of you with sensitive skin, will want to ease your way into this process or you may end up with more inflammation than you started with. Brushing has tremendous benefits, but always work with your aesthetician to determine what routines are best for you.

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