Spooky Skincare Facts

Halloween is here, and you may be inspecting your children's Halloween candy after they rake in their haul. However, are you paying just as close attention to what you are putting on your skin? Here are some spooky skincare facts worth sharing...

1. Cosmetic products and ingredients, including moisturizers, do not need FDA approval before going to market.

2. People can legally manufacture cosmetic products from their home - really anywhere.

3. The FDA has not defined, nor do they have established regulation, around using the terms "natural" or "organic" with cosmetics.

4. Cosmetics do not legally have to be sterile, they just may not contain any harmful microorganisms.

This data has been obtained directly from the FDA.gov website. What we put on our body is just as important as what we put into our body. Make sure that you are reading the ingredients in the products you use. You can also visit goodguide.com to do a quick health check on most items.

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