• Juliette Zweig

Winter Blues

Gloomy days, bitter cold, and fierce winds can be brutal this time of year. Unfortunately, winter's not just tough on your mood it can be extremely detrimental on your skin as well.

Irritation and blemishes are common this time of year. Moisturizer is critical. Much like you wouldn't go out in a blizzard without a coat, you shouldn't leave the house without moisturizing your skin as well. It's important to use a moisturizer that can repair damage while also preventing more. Fancy lotions and scented creams might seem dreamy. However, they can sometimes cause more irritation than good. Hyaluronic acid or shea butter are key ingredients to healthy moisturizing. Avoid products with artificial fragrance, alcohol or other harsh ingredients.

Also, while the sun may be hiding from sight it's there. Even on the gloomiest of days UV rays are still wreaking havoc on your skin. Sunscreen should always be a part of your daily routine, even in the winter. This is a common oversight during the colder months when we're only dreaming of days at the pool or beach. However, sunscreen is critical to help prevent damage to your skin year round. Be sure to apply sunscreen as the final layer of your skin care regimen to provide the ultimate effectiveness.

If you're still struggling with winter skin or finding it difficult to discern what products are best for you, consult with a licensed aesthetician for a professional assessment. Skin care doesn't have to be hard. With the right daily regimine, you can experience a healthy, supple glow ALL year round!

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